FAQ: Development Licenses

How do Development Licenses work?

With our free development licenses, you can try our Premium Extras on approved domain names, without needing a purchase. There is no limit on the number of development domains you can install it on, nor is there a time limit or restriction on features. These free development licenses allow you to try out all our extras, or start working on your client projects, and then purchasing the live licenses when it's ready to go live.

Do development licenses include support?

Unfortunately, no. We will of course try to answer your questions as much as possible to make sure you can make the most of our extras, but you'll need a license to get the full support. We recommend purchasing the license when you start working on a project, that way there's no question about the support status.

You can of course ask questions on our Community Forum as well.

What happens if I migrate my dev site to a live domain?

We'll notify you that a new license is needed for the site. This happens via the email address on your account, and if no action is taken after two days we will also start showing messages within the manager that there is a license problem. This gives you some time to resolve the issue before your client gets spooked with scary license warnings.

These messages contain a link to our website where you will be able of selecting or purchasing appropriate licenses to update your site. Selecting a new license on the website will automatically update your site with the updated license key.

If a license issue isn't resolved after a week, you will find the package may be (partially) disabled in the back-end until a new license is in place.

For Unlimited License holders we'll automatically correct the license when you've migrated the site, so you wont receive an email.

Where is the license key stored?

The license key, also known as the public key, is stored in core/components/name-of-the-package/ and is a file called .pubkey. there's also a related .pubkey_c file in the same directory.

If you're using a workflow based on a version control system like git, you need to exclude these files. If you don't, you might run into license issues during/after deployments, despite the proper licenses being available.

You normally don't have to update any of these files manually. Our license checks manage their contents for you, and automatically update it when a new license has been attached to a domain.

Which domains qualify for development licenses?

The following generic domains are currently whitelisted for development licenses: localhost, modmore,

You can also use any domain that ends with the following top level domains: *.dev, *.test, *.loc, *.local, *.localhost, *.project

To top it off, we also allow the following subdomains to install free development licenses: dev.*, stage.*, staging.*, local.*, test.*

MODX Cloud users can also use free development users on their cloud domains, but you will need a paid-for license once you add a custom domain.

On accepted development domains our Package Provider will show "Free to try on development" in the package name for the eligible Premium Extras. Any invalid licenses that are identified on a development domain will be automatically replaced by a new development license.

Can I use development licenses on MODX Cloud?

Yes! We've also whitelisted MODX Cloud for development licenses. Please be aware that if you attach your Cloud to a live domain you will need a live license.

Can you add {some domain here} to the whitelist?

The development licenses depends on a whitelist of approved development domains and top level domains. We have the technical ability to add extra domains on request, however we will not be able of accommodating project-specific domains, such as a mystagingsite.com. Why? Simply because all our clients combined work on a lot of projects, and we want to focus our support time on helping our clients do cool things, rather than maintaining a large list of domains.

If your workflow follows a predictable pattern for development domains (for example all your development happens on a virtual .mycompany top level domain) we would be happy to add that to the whitelist on request. Just send us an email at [email protected]

Which packages are eligible for development licenses?

We're working on updating all of our Premium Extras to support our new license system. With that in place we're able of offering development licenses.

The following extras are currently eligible:

  • ContentBlocks as of v1.4.0-pl
  • MoreGallery as of v1.4.0-pl
  • Redactor as of v2.1.0-pl
  • SimpleCart as of v2.4.0

We'll also launch Commerce with support for development licenses.