What domains qualify for a free development license?

The following generic domains are currently whitelisted for development licenses: localhostmodmore127.0.0.1

You can also use any domain that ends with the following top level domains*.dev*.test*.loc*.local*.localhost*.project  , *.lab*.docker*.modx

To top it off, we also allow the following subdomains to install free development licenses: dev.*develop.*stage.*staging.*local.*test.*  , demo.*next.*  , sandbox.*pre-www.*modxtest.*modxdemo.* , preview.*

Subdomains must be the first or second dot-delimited section of the domain, at least 3 levels deep. So you can use for example: dev.site.com, foo.dev.site.com, and dev.foo.site.com.

MODX Cloud and modhost.pro users can also use free development users on their cloud domains. A paid license is needed as soon as you start using it on a production domain.

On accepted development domains our Package Provider will show "Free to try on development" in the package name for the eligible Premium Extras. Migrations from a live to a development domain are automatically assigned a new development license. Migrations from development to live will alert you of a license issue via email.

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