What happens when I migrate my development site to a live domain?

We'll notify you that a new license is needed for the site. This happens via the email address on your account, and if no action is taken after two days we will also start showing messages within the manager that there is a license problem. This gives you some time to resolve the issue before your client gets spooked with scary license warnings.

These messages contain a link to your invalid licenses where you can correct the issue by either transferring or assigning a license (depending on the situation). Selecting a new license on the website will automatically update your site with the updated license key, so there's no need to adjust anything on your site.

If a license issue isn't resolved after a week, you will find the package may be (partially) disabled in the back-end until a new license is in place.

For users with an active unlimited license subscription, a new license is automatically put in place when needed.

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