Redactor (v3) Questions

Yes! You can use the full screen mode to hide the rest of the manager when editing content.

In your configuration set, under Toolbar, add fullscreen to your toolbar buttons. Save, and use the button whenever you want a bit more clarify.

To limit the width of the content to make sure it's easy to read, add a Maximum Width under the Appearance section of the configuration. A value around 800 or 1024 works nicely in most cases.

Yes. The package manager in MODX will allow you to choose the version you want to install. Simply don't choose Redactor 3 to stay on Redactor 2.

Redactor 2 is supported until July 14th, 2020. 

Most of it, yes.

The Redactor 3 upgrade will automatically create a configuration set based on your Redactor 2 system settings. That wont be enabled by default, but will keep most of your configuration in tact.

The upgrade does not cover context overrides, or overrides from the custom template variable. Those will need to be manually applied again after the upgrade.

The best way is to use Image Styles or Link Styles. That allows you to configure a list of classnames and a user-friendly label, which can be applied by the user without having to remember the exact name. 

This replaces "Advanced Attributes" from Redactor 2. 

For images and links, see Image Styles and Link Styles.

Custom formatting can be used to add styles, classes and attributes on a variety of elements.

To add IDs or classes to any block element, use the properties plugin.