How can I upgrade from v2 to v3?

In January 2020 we released Redactor v3 as a paid upgrade. See the blog post for more information about that joyous occasion

Licenses purchased after July 1st 2019 can upgrade to v3 for free.

Licenses purchased before that date will need to be "unlocked" in order to get access to v3. The cost to upgrade is €14,50 per license with a hefty discount the more licenses you have, maxed out at flat €199 fee for users with 35 or more licenses from before July 2019.

To buy the upgrade, visit your purchases overview. There will be a callout at the top of the table if you have licenses that need to be unlocked. 

The upgrade fee is once for all licenses on your account, and we don't currently support unlocking the upgrade for only one license at a time.

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