What is Extended Monitoring?

Extended monitoring gives you additional real-time monitoring of your site. It's a paid add-on, though each plan has a number of free monthly credits to try it out.

While the standard monitoring in SiteDash is focused on configuration and routine maintenance, extended monitoring tracks and reports on:

  • Response time of your homepage, checked every minute. Detailed results are available for 3 hours, and daily response times calculated at midnight UTC. 
  • Daily uptime percentages, calculated at midnight UTC.
  • Server load and memory usage checked every 5 minutes. Note: these metrics may not be available on all strict server configurations, most notably sites hosted on MODX Cloud lack memory usage.

If your site doesn't respond in time or indicates high load or memory usage, you'll get an email notification right away. 

Monitoring Clusters

For the response and uptime monitoring we run several dedicated monitoring clusters in different locations worldwide. When enabling extended monitoring for your sites, choose the cluster closest to your site (or your users) to ensure the most reliable results. 

We have clusters running in:

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands (EU-AMS)
  • New York, United States (NA-NYC)

All clusters are currently operational with plenty of capacity to spare. We'll add more nodes to busy clusters as needed. Need to whitelist or filter our IPs? You can find those here.

We're also looking to add more clusters based on demand and to achieve an even wider geographic spread. If you'd like to use Extended Monitoring but need a cluster closer to your servers, let us know!

Pricing & billing

Extended Monitoring is an optional add-on to use, and is billed per site per month based on usage. The price depends on your current plan. Each plan includes a number of sites you can use extended monitoring on for free; you only pay for sites above that number.

Plan Free sites included Price per site per month
Basic Plan for 25 sites
3 €0,35
Basic Plan for 100 sites
10 €0,30
Basic Plan for 200 sites
25 €0,25
Basic Plan for 500 sites
50 €0,25

Your invoice will include a summary charge ("Extended Monitoring", times the number of sites that have had extended monitoring enabled), while a detailed list of the exact charges can be found in your account > invoices > list of charges. 

You can see your current outstanding balance in your account. Charges are added every morning, and are based on a per-site renewal date. Learn more about how extended monitoring is billed.

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