How is Extended Monitoring billed?

Extended monitoring is a usage-based charge, meaning you only pay for what you've used. While plan renewals are paid up-front, usage-based charges like Extended Monitoring are billed after they're incurred on your next invoice, or on the first of the month if you're on a yearly plan and have exceeded the billing threshold.


Each plan includes free credits per month. Monitoring over those free credits incur charges.

Plan Free sites included Price per site per month
Basic Plan for 25 sites 3 €0,35
Basic Plan for 100 sites 10 €0,30
Basic Plan for 200 sites 25 €0,25
Basic Plan for 500 sites 50 €0,25

Per-site renewal date

Every site on your account has its own renewal date for the monitoring charge based on when it was enabled. We check the renewal date for all sites that have monitoring enabled nightly.
If it's been more than a month since monitoring for a specific site was charged to your account, a charge is created and your sites' renewal date is extended by a month. A list of outstanding charges is available in your account.
So this means that if a site had monitoring enabled at some point during the month, even if it was later disabled, it will be billed the monthly fee.

Free monitoring credits

On all plans you get a certain number of free sites to use monitoring on. These can be considered free monthly credits or an allowance; to try extended monitoring for free on some of your sites.
Regardless of your plan's renewal date or billing cycle, the credits/allowance resets on the first of each month.
When a monitoring charge is created on your account, we check if you still have free sites left in the current calendar month, and make the charge free if so. The free charge is listed in your accounts' charges, and will also be listed on your next invoice, but it wont cost you a cent.
Unused credits do not roll over into the next month.


If you're on a monthly billing cycle, usage-based charges are always included on your monthly invoice, regardless of the total amount.

If you're on a yearly billing cycle, we check the total outstanding charges on the first of each month. If (1) the total outstanding charges exceeds the standard monthly fee on your plan, and (2) your yearly renewal is not planned for the next two weeks, we issue an extra invoice for the usage charges right away. Any outstanding charges when your yearly renewals comes around are added to your yearly renewal invoice. On most yearly plans this works out to an extra monthly invoice for usage charges if you've enabled extended monitoring on more than ~1/3rd of the maximum sites your plan allows.
If you have chosen to suspend your account when your current billing period ends, or your account gets suspended for any other reason (eg failed payments), all your outstanding charges are billed when your account is suspended.

Upgrading your plan

When upgrading your account to a bigger plan, only future charges are affected. Any charges already created before the plan change are not affected: those will be billed at the rate of the plan you were on when they were incurred. Similarly an increase in free sites included will not retroactively make monitoring already charged to your account free if they now fall in the free bracket: that will only happen for their next renewal date on your new plan. 

The number of free sites on your account does immediately reset to the difference between your previous and your new plan. For example: old plan had 10 sites included, of which you have 6 left this month. The new plan allows 25 sites. Your account will be set to 25 - (10 - 6) = 25 - 4 = 21 free sites until the first of next month.  

When downgrading to a smaller plan you may not get any new free sites for the remainder of the month if you already exceeded the amount of sites your new plan includes.

Free Trial

If you're on the free trial, you will incur usage-based charges if you enable monitoring on any sites. For this reason it's not possible to enable monitoring until you've added billing and payment information.

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