What IP Addresses does SiteDash use?

SiteDash connects with your site through HTTP requests. These requests may come from a variety of servers that we refer to as workers. In some cases you may find a firewall, mod_security, or other security implementation on your server to block these requests.

If possible, whitelisting the "SiteDash.app" user agent or the assets/components/sitedashclient/ path would be preferable over whitelisting IPs. We occasionally add or replace servers, so if you have a firewall that requires the whitelisting, please check back here every couple of months or so for updates.

The following IPs are used for general tasks and monitoring:

Internal server name IPv4 IPv6
w2 2a03:b0c0:2:d0::11d:5001
w3 2a03:b0c0:2:f0::31:7001
w4 (lighthouse) 2a03:b0c0:2:d0::13:4001
w5 (monitoring) 2a03:b0c0:2:f0::cc:9001
web1 (rarely) 2a03:b0c0:2:d0::cd:7001

The following IPs are used for extended uptime monitoring:

Cluster Location IPv4 addresses IPv6 addresses
EU-AMS Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2a03:b0c0:2:d0::1123:a001
EU-ZUR Zurich, Switzerland IPv4 only
NA-NYC New York, United States

Please note that our extended monitoring clusters are currently rolling out. As more users enable uptime monitoring in specific locations, we'll add more nodes to each cluster. While in beta, we may also swap out servers or temporarily add others without warning. Therefore expect the above listed IP addresses to change more rapidly than the task servers.

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