How do I download my purchase?

All our MODX extras, both free and premium extras, are distributed via a Package Provider. You're already used to the package provider, as that comes pre-configured in MODX, but you'll have to add ours manually.

The process is exactly the same for both our Free and Premium Extras. For Premium Extras you'll either need to have an unused license available, or be on a domain that is eligible for free development licenses.

  1. Create a new API Key and use the handy bookmarklet to setup our Package Provider in your MODX Revolution installation. Navigate to Extras > Installer. If you want to add the provider manually, be sure to check if you didn't accidentally copy any whitespace for the service url or username or api key.
  2. In Package Management, click the arrow on the Download Extras button, choose Select a Provider and in the window choose the modmore provider that was just added.
  3. The Package Browser will open. In the tree on the left, browse through Premium Extras to find the package you purchased, or Free Extras for the packages that are available without purchase. 
  4. Click "Download" on the Extra you want to install. A package will be generated for you and downloaded to your MODX site. This typically takes 5-15 seconds.
  5. Return to the Package Management screen, and hit "Install" on the package to install. Be sure to follow any Extra-specific usage instructions that may be documented.

Here's a video of the process. Note that the video is fairly old and MODX looks different, but the process remains the same.


If you have any questions about this process, please do let us know via [email protected]; we would be glad to help.

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