Open a Support Ticket

When you need help with SiteDash or our Premium Extras, we're there for you. Use the support widget in the bottom right, or email [email protected] directly. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, within 24 hours at most.

Support tips

If you're stuck with a problem, it can be daunting to ask for help. Don't worry - we're here for you. 

To prevent having to go back and forth (and getting you back on track quicker), there's a few general guidelines on what information you need to provide, or where to look to find debug information.

  1. Always mention the exact version number for the extra you're having issues with - especially when you encounter issues. Some of our extras (like Commerce) show the version number in the bottom right, for others please check in the package manager which version is installed. 
    1. "Latest" may not always mean the same thing! We may have different versions available in pre-release, or perhaps we just released an update while you were writing up a ticket. It happens. Providing the exact version number helps avoid confusion.
    2. While you're checking your version number, you may also find there is an update available. 
    3. Please include the version number in each new conversation, even if you've already told us recently in a different ticket. Chances are we've gone through dozens of tickets since so being upfront, even if a little repetitive, can save some roundtrips.
  2. In case of an error condition being shown or unexpected behaviour (e.g. inability to save things), always check your MODX error log and send along anything that sounds potentially relevant or got logged at the same time. 
  3. In case of a fatal error or completely blank page in the front-end or a manager component, find your PHP/server error log. That may be accessible through a server control panel (e.g. cPanel and DirectAdmin have dedicated pages to view the error logs), or somewhere on the filesystem (an error_log file in the root of the site, a logs directory in the home directory, or /var/logs/). 
  4. In case of infinite save loops or partially blank pages in the manager, look at the browsers developer console as you're most likely experiencing a javascript error. Check your PHP/server error log next, as javascript errors may also be cased by a server error.

It's often useful to see a screenshot, short screencast or the live url for a closer look if you're trying to implement a feature. That may help us spot typos or to recreate a problem in our development environment. The same counts for template code or other relevant configuration (e.g. module configuration in Commerce).

For questions about a license or invalid licenses include the affected domain(s), license ID (found here), and the invalid license issue reference (found here). If you're requesting a reset for a license to be reused, please read this FAQ entry.

Please note that we do not provide email support for open source extras. For those we ask that you use our community forum, and the relevant repositories on GitHub for reporting issues or feature requests.