Redactor (v1) Questions

As of v1.3, various built-in functions were extracted into separate plugins. To include them, go to System > System Settings and add the following to the redactor.additionalPlugins setting:


It is not necessary to add them to your buttons configuration, just loading the plugin is sufficient. 

Air mode is a way to use the editor where the toolbar is hidden by default, and instead a small toolbar is shown when you have text selected.

Unfortunately that is not supported currently. We are looking at providing this in a future release.

Imperavi is the original developer of Redactor. They provide it as a commercial rich text editor under various licenses. As modmore, we have purchased (and since, renewed) an OEM license which we use to provide you with a high quality MODX integration. 

Redactor for MODX 1.5.x is built on top of Redactor 9.2.6. 

Imperavi has since released version 10 and we are working on providing a new version of Redactor for MODX based on that. Unfortunately Redactor v10 is a complete rewrite, which means we have to rewrite all of our MODX-specific fixes and customisations too. Imperavi also removed some of our clients' favourite features (including WYM mode), and we're hoping to find a solution for that. 

To keep the editor simple, this is disabled by default. But if you need the extra possibilities, simply enable the redactor.advAttrib system setting to get some extra fields when editing an image or link.

Currently we only support editing within the MODX Manager. We do have an open feature request. If you'd like to be notified when we add this feature, please let us know via [email protected]

Follow these instructions to load rich text editors, including Redactor, TinyMCE and CKEditor (since 1.3) on manager components. 

Please do not reverse engineer the Redactor plugin to embed it manually as that will change in future versions. The assets (javascript, css) are also uniquely named as part of our release process, meaning any hardcoded reference to one of the Redactor files will break as soon as a user upgrades. 

With some releases of Redactor (in particular pre-1.5) you may get an error in the Net(work) or Console tab of developer tools about a missing file: /assets/components/redactor/redactor-<version>

This file is a so-called CSS map and is used during development for matching compiled CSS code with the source Sass code. This makes development and styling tweaks easier for us, but has no impact whatsoever on the functioning of Redactor. The 404 Not Found error is safe to ignore.