Premium Support Questions

If you're convinced and want modmore to back you up with a decade of MODX experience, please email us to get the process started. 

If you already know how much time you'd like to reserve per month, that's great; but if you don't we'll happily discuss it with you to help you decide.

  1. When receiving your request, we'll first make sure we have enough time available. We may have a waitlist to make sure we can consistently provide excellent support to all current and new clients.
  2. We'll discuss your requirements and make sure all noses are pointing in the same direction.  
  3. We'll draft a support contract covering the legalese, and send this to you to sign digitally. Once the contract is signed, we'll send you an invoice for the first three months of the support contract. 
  4. Now you can start sending us all your questions! :-)

Please note that we require a 6-month minimum commitment for new support contracts. 


First of all, note that the standard fair use policy allows you to exceed your reserved hours a little for those busy months. 

If you're consistently exceeding the reserved hours, it's worth upgrading to a higher plan. Simply send us an email asking us to increase the hours; that will go into effect the next month. We'll invoice you the extra time separately, or as part of your next quarterly bill. 

If you've overbooked and want to cut down on the number of reserved hours instead, you can request that in the same way via email. However, as you will have already prepaid for a certain number of hours for the 3 months period, a downgrade will only go into the effect at the start of the next 3-month billing period. 

In both cases we ask for at least a 2 week notice before the month/quarter is over. 


At this time, no. The 24-hour response time is a strong guideline, but we do not currently include a money-back guarantee/SLA in standard contracts.

On average we tend to our current clients' support needs in under 4-12 hours, which mostly depends on timezones and business hours. Times where we take longer to respond are typically focused around holidays or MODX events where we're physically separated from a laptop. 

No matter how busy things get in the modmore office, we always triage tickets as soon as they come in, and prioritise anything that sounds urgent. 

If you have a question that requires us to do more research before we can give you a useful answer, we'll tell you and give you an update on when to expect more. 

Do you really require a formal response time guarantee? We're happy to discuss a custom support contract with SLA, starting at €135/hr.

Not right now. 

Due to the nature of most of our support work, email is typically the better medium. We can include code samples, links to more resources, or spot typos in syntax that a phone call would not accommodate well. 

Having to pick up the phone is also a costly distraction for a small team that may also be simultaneously working on, for example, cool new features for Commerce. By triaging emails for urgency as they come in, we can better maintain the balance between development and support requirements during the day, which allows us to keep the cost for support low.

Rest assured, if a phone call is the best medium for a certain question, we're happy to call you back. 

Thanks to a decade of MODX experience and our various roles in the community, we have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to MODX, but there will definitely be extras we haven't used or server configurations we're not used to. 

In those cases, we'll typically give you the choice. Either we take a little more time to research it further and find the answer to your question, or we simply accept it's not something we can help you with right now. In the latter case, the time we may have already spent of course does not count against your reserved hours.

Impossible to say, as each question we get is different. 

For standard questions, about using common extras or core features, we can typically answer right away without having to do additional research into the specific topic. Depending on the complexity of the question and how much detail you'd like in our responses, we can typically fit 2-4 of those in an hour.

For other questions it may take us a little longer. Perhaps we need to research the extra a little first, login to the site in question to do some debugging, or examine code in detail before we can get back to you.  

To avoid having to spend your precious support time on maintaining an extensive administration, we use a rather rudimentary time tracking system at this time. We'll total that at the end of each 3-month billing period to check against your reserved time and the fair use policy. 

We do of course keep an eye on your usage throughout the quarter and if you want to know how much time is left on your plan, just ask and we'll double check it for you. 

If you want more than just a total number and have access to a detailed statement at any time including ticket numbers and start/end times, we can optionally set up a detailed spreadsheet in Google Drive that we keep up-to-date every time you request support. As this will take us extra time to keep up-to-date, that costs the greater of €50 or 25% of your monthly support fee, per quarter.

Our goal is to build a lasting and trusting business relation with you, where you're excited about the value we're providing you and your team, without either party needing to be laser focused on time and spreadsheets.

We typically only calculate your total support time at the end of your billing period, so don't always have a to-the-minute total available. 

In our experience with current clients, the total tends to be right around the reserved hours, and the fair use policy covers minor overages free of charge, so we don't bother wasting time on first tallying your spent time when a request comes in, unless there's been a recent spike. In some cases this means a small overage can also "sneak up" on us if the support requests were spread out fairly evenly over the quarter. 

If you want a hard cap on your reserved hours, to be guaranteed there will not be extra charges, let us know upfront and we'll keep an extra close eye on your usage. You can also request an update on your total whenever you want to know how much time is left. This is free of charge other than the time it takes us to check (few minutes, depending on the number of tickets we need to total). 

Optionally, we can also keep a detailed spreadsheet in Google Drive with the exact start/end times and details of what we worked on, updated whenever we work on a ticket. Because this takes us even more time, this costs 25% of your monthly support fee, per quarter, with a minimum of €50. 

As we sign on more clients for Premium Support, we'll end up spending more time on tracking time. Because of that we'll probably set up a more automated solution for it eventually that's integrated with our helpdesk solution and gives everyone a better (live) picture. 

Unless you have a custom contract with SLA, support for modmore-built premium extras falls under standard support included with the license. 

Open source extras do not normally come with support, so questions about those do take up time in your Premium Support contract. 

Also note that modmore also sells and distributes several premium extras built by third parties, such as Formalicious (built by Sterc) or Agenda (built by Treehill Studio). In those cases, the standard support is provided to you by someone else. If you specifically request that modmore handles questions about third party built extras, that does count towards your premium support.

In most cases your questions will indeed be answered by Mark Hamstra, MODX core integrator, long-time MODX nerd, and wearer of many hats at modmore.

However, that does not mean all support is guaranteed to be done by Mark exclusively. With premium support you're reserving time from the modmore team as a whole, not just Mark. 

We hope that Premium Support ends up being such a massive success with a somewhat predictable level of revenue and questions, that we'll hire extra people to help with the support, perhaps even in multiple regions worldwide. (If you think you'd be a great fit for such a support team, let Mark know.)

Premium Support is meant as a way to offer regular assistance to people building sites in MODX, with flexible billing and fair usage. By pitching it as a subscription, we get the benefit of knowing (roughly) how much support to expect and being able of scaling up our services and ensuring availability based on that. 

Clients benefit from that by knowing we have their back when they need it most, with a standard response time. 

For one-off questions without a subscriptions, we cannot promise availability or a certain response time. 

If we do have availability, we're happy to help you for a one-off Premium Support request at the overage rage of €115/hr (instead of €90 for reserved hours in a subscription), with a 30-minute minimum per case. 

To request help, send us an email. In the subject, mention Premium Support, and proactively state that you agree to the €115/hr rate in the content so we don't have to go back and forth on the terms first. Optionally include a cap on the time you want us to spend (otherwise we'll assume one hour), keep in mind the per-case minimum is 30 minutes. 

We may require (partial) pre-payment if this is your first or a large Premium Support request, so make sure your billing address is on file. Otherwise we'll typically invoice when the problem is resolved or the question is answered. Payment is due within 14 days.

At this time we don't offer prepaid blocks of Premium Support; if you'd like to make use of our support services regularly, that's precisely what the subscription is for.