Redactor (v2) Questions

Our old Styles plugin has been retired, and has been replaced with a Redactor core equivalent. Read more about custom formatting here. After adding the new custom formatting options, you can find them in the standard formatting dropdown, at the bottom.

We have this disabled by default, but yes it is possible to allow users to upload files anywhere on the filesystem (that they have access to through media sources) in the Eureka media browser. To enable this feature, enable the redactor.eurekaUpload system setting.

At time of writing we're on version 10.2.3, however please take a look at the Redactor changelog as we aim to stay up to date with the latest releases so will regularly include updates.

Uploadcare is a third party service that lets you work with media on a big set of services, which you can enable with the redactor.plugin_uploadcare system setting.

After enabling it, you will need to set it up with an API Key. By default we include a demo key that will let you experience the option, however it wont persist anything you upload. To set up your personal API Key or to learn more about Uploadcare, please review the Uploadcare documentation.

Set both the redactor.convertDivs and redactor.replaceDivs settings to no. This will allow div tags inserted with the clips plugin or custom formatting to be preserved.

The media manager in Redactor, Eureka, will list all the media sources the user has access to. So by preventing access to the media sources by using the MODX Permissions / ACL system, they will also be inaccessible when used within Redactor.

The basic approach for restricting access to specific media sources (like the filesystem media source) is to give your own user group permission to access them specifically, but to not give the same permission to the editor user group.

  1. Go to System > Access Control Lists in the MODX manager, and right click the Administrator user group to update it.
  2. On the Permissions tab, dive in to Media Source Access and then click Add Media Source.
  3. Select the media source that you don't want your editor to use, set the role to Member, and the Access Policy to Media Source Admin.

Repeat that for all media sources.

Next, update the editor user group, and repeat the same steps but give them the Media Source User access policy instead. Make sure to flush the permissions (Manage > Flush Your Permissions) when testing.

The font family, color and size dropdowns are loaded as plugins, so can be enabled or disabled with the appropriate system settings:

  • redactor.plugin_fontcolor (disabled by default)
  • redactor.plugin_fontfamily (enabled by default)
  • redactor.plugin_fontsize (enabled by default)

If you're looking to provide some options to manage the display of text, but don't want to enable the full controls with these plugins, you could consider adding Custom Format options.