How can I have multiple galleries shown on a single page?

If you're using the single image view provided by the mgGetImages snippet, you might run into issues when there are multiple galleries on the same page. By default they all share the same url parameter, iid, so that might affect multiple galleries at the same time.

To fix this, you can specify a different url parameter per mgGetImages snippet call using the &singleImageParam property (introduced in v1.4). If you're not using the single image view, you can disable it by adding &singleImageEnabled=`0` to the snippet.

If you're using getPage to paginate multiple galleries on one page, you can also provide the getPage &totalVar and &pageVarKey properties to ensure the pagination is isolated per gallery.

Note: this is about having a single page pulling in the gallery from different resources. It is not currently possible to manage multiple galleries on the same resource in the manager. 

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