Enable or disable ContentBlocks on specific resource types (like Articles, Collections, or MoreGallery)

The system setting contentblocks.accepted_resource_types contains a comma separated list of resource types that ContentBlocks has been tested on and will work. If you don't want to use ContentBlocks on Articles, Galleries, or SimpleCart Products for example, you can remove its class name from this setting.

Common resource types and their class names are:

  • Individual articles from Articles: Article
  • SimpleCart's category resources: scCategoryResource
  • SimpleCart's product resources: scProductResource
  • MoreGallery resources: mgResource

To change the setting value, go to System (cog icon in the MODX Manager menu), System Settings, and select "contentblocks" in the first filter (namespace). The contentblocks.accepted_resource_types setting should be immediately shown in the "Core" area.

Make sure that you keep a single comma between each class name when editing this value.

You can also add additional class names for other resource types, however if they're not in the default list they may not work right away. Find out more about implementing support for ContentBlocks in a custom resource type here.

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