Layout requested but does not exist error

If you get an error like the one pictured below, it means there is something wrong with your ContentBlocks configuration, or that a layout was removed even though it was still in use.

IMPORTANT: If you see the error and save the resource, the missing layout will be removed from the content. Copy the raw content to a safe place if you may need it later.

Do you see the error on a new resource, or a resource not previously edited in ContentBlocks? Then it's probably a configuration issue. Make sure that you have at least one layout by going to Extras > ContentBlocks. Take note of the ID of the layout (shown in brackets), and in System > System Settings find the contentblocks.default_layout setting. Set the value of that setting to a valid layout ID. While you're there, make sure the contentblocks.default_layout_part system setting has the key of a valid column in the layout.

Do you see the error on an existing resource that worked fine previously? In that case the used layout was most likely removed. Important: saving the resource while the error shows will remove the previous content that was stored in the layout. If you may need to restore the content to a different layout, make a copy of the provided raw content first!

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