How can fields be grouped together?

Depending on what you're trying to do exactly, there are a few ways to group together fields. 

  1. For fixed groups of fields (when you know the specific fields to use), the Repeater input is a great option. It was developed to allow repeating rows of fixed content, as the name indicates, but if you limit the number of rows to one in the field properties it is a great way to group a single row of fields too. The repeater supports all ContentBlocks input types, including custom ones, making it a very powerful and flexible option.
  2. If you have an existing input type and you want to add one or a few extra inputs to it, you can also use Field Settings for that. Field Settings are easier to set up than a Repeater, but are limited in the setting types that are available, which cannot currently be extended. 
  3. If you want columns with content within columns, you should take a look at the Nested Layout input type. Compared to the Repeater, this is more of an open canvas than a fixed set of fields.

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