Does ContentBlocks support Redactor, TinyMCE, or CKEditor?

Yes, ContentBlocks will work with most rich text editors. We of course recommend Redactor, but the TinyMCE RTE and CKEditor packages are supported as well.

Using TinyMCE or TinyMCE RTE?

While compatible, the TinyMCE and TinyMCE RTE packages can occassionally conflict. There are 2 known issues in particular:

  1. When using the TinyMCE package, you may encounter an infinite save loop and a javascript error "Cannot read property body of null". To resolve that, set the contentblocks.remove_content_dom system setting to 0 / no. 
  2. When using TinyMCE RTE >=2.0.0, the editor may be really small and especially so in narrow layouts. This is because it does not automatically resize to fit the content. As a fix you can add autoresize to the tinymcerte.plugins system setting, and {"autoresize_on_init":"true"} to the tinymcerte.settings system setting.

For TinyMCE RTE >=2.0.0, also make sure you're running at least ContentBlocks v1.12.0 as that includes a number of other fixes.

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