How can I add options to a Chunk field?

If you want your editor to be able of passing in options to a chunk with the Chunk Input, there are two ways to do this.

  1. Adding (Default) Properties to the actual chunk element will show up below the input. To add properties, to to Elements > Chunks and edit the chunk. On the Properties tab, unlock the Default properties and add the options. Go back to the resource, add a chunk input and celebrate.
  2. Using Field Settings, you can add additional options to any field type. Simply go to the Content Blocks component, edit the field and add settings on the Settings tab. As of ContentBlocks 1.1 these can also be exposed in the canvas instead of hidden behind a modal.  

In both cases, the options will be available as  [[+name_of_property_or_setting]] placeholders in your chunk.

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