How to change the package provider for an extra

Occassionally you'll find yourself in need to change the package provider assigned to an extra. For example if you're using Sterc's extras originally from modmore and want to make sure you get updates in the future, or if you've used one of our free extras also available from and want to get access to pre-releases we only offer on our own platform.

The process to change providers is quite simple. Login to the manager, and navigate to Extras > Installer.

First make sure you have the appropriate package providers installed on the Providers tab. The comes by default, to use the modmore provider see the instructions here.

Next on the packages tab find the packages you want to switch the provider for. On the relevant package, click the View Details button.

Select the Provider from the list, and save with the button in the top right.

Repeat for any other extra you'd like to switch.

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