How can I install Big Brother 1.5?

Important: it is no longer possible to authenticate with the APIs used in Big Brother 1.5. You will need to upgrade to Google Analytics v4 and Big Brother 3.

With Big Brother 2 now the default release from MODX and modmore package providers, it takes a few extra steps to download and install Big Brother 1.5. 

If you're not sure if you need v1.5 or v2, please see this article for a compatibility matrix and how to identify your Google Analytics version.

  1. Create a modmore account if you don't already have one
  2. Add our Package Provider to your site
  3. On the package manager, click the arrow on the Download Extras button and choose "Select a Provider". In the popup, choose
  4. Find Big Brother in the provider:
    1. Search for Big Brother in the search box, and check the Version column to find 1.5: 
    2. Browse the tree and find Big Brother under Free Extras > All Free Extras, and check the description for v1.5:
  5. Download the chosen version, and install it like you would any other package.

Note that when using v1.5, you'll always see the v2 update is available in the list of packages and SiteDash. Until you've upgraded to Google Analytics 4, make sure to not upgrade to 2.0. 

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