Can I contribute to the Big Brother v2 crowdfunding, but only pay after it's done?

If you're worried about the project not getting done in time, we totally get that. However, we also need to pay our team for the work they're going to do and need some assurances that enough people consider this project worthwhile. So if you are capable, we ask that you use the crowdfunding page to donate up-front.

For companies making a larger contribution (at least €1000), we can offer the ability to pay 25% up-front, where the remainder will be billed to you when Big Brother 2 is considered feature complete (beta release). This option requires you to sign a short contract that puts your commitment in writing to make sure we can count on your contribution when the work is done. Note that once we bill you the remaining 75%, the payment must be received within 14 days. 

This option is only available for companies that have used our paid extras or services in the past year.

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