What will happen to Big Brother v1?

Big Brother v1 will remain supported and maintained for 2 years after v2 is released. It will however not receive support for MODX3. After two years we'll consider it end-of-life and do not expect any new releases to be made.

During the development of v2, you'll find regular alpha releases in our own package provider. 

Once Big Brother 2 is stable, it will replace Big Brother v1 on the MODX extras site / package manager. At that point we'll also release v1 on our own package provider, where you can choose to download either v1 or v2.

So to summarize the situation after the v2 release:

  • To use Universal Analytics, you need to use Big Brother v1 on MODX 2.x, available only from the modmore package provider. 2 years of support before considered
  • To use Google Analytics 4, you need to use Big Brother v2 on MODX 2.x or MODX3, available from both MODX and modmore package providers.

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