Do you offer one-off Premium MODX Support without a subscription?

Premium Support is meant as a way to offer regular assistance to people building sites in MODX, with flexible billing and fair usage. As a subscription, we get the benefit of knowing (roughly) how much support to expect and being able of scaling up our services and ensuring availability based on that. It also gives us the opportunity to build a relation with you, where we learn about how you typically build things or what level of detail you'd like in our answers.

Clients benefit from that by knowing we have their back when they need it most, with a standard response time, and fair usage billing so a busy month does not immediately break the bank.

For one-off questions, many of those benefits are not feasible, and we also cannot promise availability or a certain response time. If we have availability, we're of course happy help to with one-off Premium Support requests at the overage rate of €125/hr (instead of €100/hr in a subscription). There's a 30-minute minimum and billing is in 15-minute increments. 

To request a one-off premium support ticket, send us an email. In the subject mention Premium Support, and proactively state that you agree to the €125/hr rate to avoid back and forth on the terms first. Optionally state a cap on the time you want us to spend (otherwise we'll assume one hour), and make sure your billing address is on file. We typically bill on completion, with payment due in 14 days, but may request payment in advance or other terms on a case-by-case basis.

At this time we don't offer prepaid blocks of Premium Support; if you'd like to make use of our support services regularly, that's precisely what the subscription is for.

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