Do questions about modmore extras count towards my reserved time?

Unless you have a custom contract with SLA or other terms beyond standard support available for modmore-built premium extras, time spent discussing those do not take up your premium support time. 

A few things are important to note.

  • Standard support for premium extras only cover support, while premium support can also be used towards minor development tasks. While a question "how can I accomplish X with Commerce" would be covered by the standard support, "can you implement X in Commerce for me" is a Premium Support task that does count hours.
  • Standard support does not cover open source extras. Questions about extras like ClientConfig or Magic Preview always count as Premium Support.
  • We sell some Premium Extras by third party developers, such as Agenda and ConsentFriend. Standard Support for those extras is to be provided by the third party developer. If you however request modmore to handle your question, that counts as Premium Support.

If you find yourself in gray area and want to be sure a question is covered by standard support included in the license, or if it counts towards your Premium Support, just ask.

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