Is the 24-hour response time guaranteed?

At this time, no. The 24-hour response time for Premium MODX Support is a strong guideline, but we do not currently include a money-back guarantee/SLA in standard contracts.

On average we tend to our current clients' support needs in under 4-12 hours, which mostly depends on timezones and business hours. Times where we take longer to respond are typically focused around holidays or MODX events where we're physically separated from a laptop. 

No matter how busy things get in the modmore office, we always triage tickets as soon as they come in, and prioritise anything that sounds urgent. 

If you have a question that requires us to do more research before we can give you a useful answer, we'll tell you and give you an update on when to expect more. 

Do you really require a formal response time guarantee? We're happy to discuss a custom support contract with SLA, starting at €135/hr.

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