How do I signup for Premium MODX Support?

When you're ready for modmore to back you up with a decade of MODX experience, please email us to get the process started. 

If you already know how much time you'd like to reserve per month, that's great; but if you don't we'll happily discuss it with you to help you decide.

  1. When receiving your request, we'll first make sure we have enough time available. We may have a waitlist to make sure we can consistently provide excellent support to all current and new clients.
  2. We'll discuss your requirements and make sure all noses are pointing in the same direction.
  3. We'll draft a support contract covering the legalese, and send this to you to sign digitally. Once the contract is signed, we'll send you an invoice for the first three months of the support contract. 
  4. Now you can start sending us all your questions! :-)

Please note that we require a 6-month minimum commitment for new support contracts.

Still need help? Send us an email Send us an email