Why can't I upgrade a premium extra?

Typically one of following things is happening if you can't upgrade a premium extra. You may either not see an update at all, or it fails to download the new version.

  1. The package is no longer assigned to the right package provider and you're getting a "provider_err_nf" error message.

    To fix it, click on "View Details" for the offending package. In the form that loads, choose the modmore.com package provider at "Provider", and save with the button in the top right. Click on "Close" to go back to the package list, and now you should be able of checking for updates again. 
  2. There's an issue with the license or domain.

    Licenses are registered to the domain used in the manager. If you've switched domains but have not yet resolved the license issue, the download will be denied. Check your invalid licenses and make sure to follow the provided steps. 
  3. You're trying to upgrade to a new major version that you have not yet purchased access to.

    For example if you have Redactor 2 installed, before you can upgrade to Redactor 3 you will need to buy access to that major version. To see what extras you may need to purchase an upgrade for, see your purchases overview - there will be add to cart buttons at the top of the table if you're missing out. Feature releases (e.g. 2.1 to 2.2) and bug fixes (e.g. 2.1.3 to 2.1.4) are always free. 
  4. The download worked, but the install fails.

    Please check the installation log carefully to learn more about why it failed to install. There can be many different reasons, and the installation log will typically tell you why. Make sure to download the installation log and send that along with a support ticket if you can't get it sorted.

If you've checked these things and still can't upgrade, send us an email. Please make sure to include the (manager) domain and installation log (if any) so we can check what's going on.

Still need help? Send us an email Send us an email