How can I move a license to a different account?

It is possible to move licenses to a different account with help from support

These are the steps you'll need to take:

  1. If needed, create the new account first.
  2. Contact support, including the domain, license IDs, and packages, found in your old account, plus the old and the new username. This request must come from the registered email address on the old account. We'll create new licenses on the new account.
  3. Create an API Key on the new account. Do not use the bookmark - take note of the provided username and API Key.
  4. Login to the manager of the site, go to Extras > Installer.
  5. On the Package Providers tab, edit the existing provider. Change the username and API Key to the ones you generated in step 3. Save.
  6. Return to the overview of packages, and check for updates on all packages installed from This will create invalid license issues for all of them, on the new account.
  7. Go through each of the created invalid license issues, and assign the licenses provided to you by support (in step 2) by clicking on the Assign license block. 
  8. Done? Reply to the support ticket, and we'll verify the licenses are properly assigned on the new account, before removing them from the old account.

Please note that this is a labour intensive process. If you have a lot of licenses that need to be transferred or repeatedly request licenses to be moved, we may charge an administrative fee. We may also decline transferring licenses if the original license was part of an expired subscription or for any other reason.

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