Error: using an old version of Alpacka

If you've just installed MoreGallery, or updated from an earlier release, it's possible to get the error "using an old version of Alpacka" when setting up your front-end with the mgGetImages snippet. To resolve this issue, the used version of Alpacka needs to be updated.

What is Alpacka?

Alpacka is a shared library of common code used across our extras. You can read more about it in our initial introduction here. Alpacka is a dependency to many of our extras, including MoreGallery, ContentBlocks and SimpleCart. However sometimes different versions may be used in those extras.

This can cause issues as only one version of Alpacka can be in memory at the same time, so that may be an older version than required. That's where the error using an old version of alpacka comes from.

How to resolve the error

Make sure all modmore extras are up to date. In particular MoreGallery, ContentBlocks and SimpleCart. There's also a standalone package called Alpacka which should be installed automatically as of MoreGallery v1.5. If that's not there, or out of date, you can download it from the provider (it's a free package). SimpleCart prior to v2.4.3 is known to sometimes conflict with MoreGallery 1.5.

If you're unable of resolving the error simply by updating our extras, please contact us at [email protected] and we're happy to help.

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